Table Captains Info

As a Table Captain for Home is the Key event, you open doors for our mission – and most importantly, for our neighbors. In the four years since launching this signature event, you have inspired over $757,449.70 in support of the conviction that everyone deserves a decent place to live. This year, Home is the Key has the potential to be more impactful than ever – and that’s all because of you. Thank you for lending your voice, leading with passion, and joining families in building better beginnings.

On this page you will find resources to help you get organize and maximize the impact of your table!

Table Captain

We’re very excited to have you as a table captain for this year’s virtual Home is the Key Breakfast. Your support is the key to Habitat’s success, and we could not be more grateful for your service.

Your role
as a Habitat
Table Captain.

Table Captains make Home is the Key possible. Read on to learn more about inviting guests and hosting a virtual table.

Your Treasure Map

The Treasure Map is a great exercise for brainstorming potential Home is the Key guests, sponsors, and supporters.

Get Connected

Explore this collection of virtual and in-person opportunities to see how you build homes, communities, and hope with Habitat.

Save the Date

Here is a digital Save the Date card that you can download and send to your guests.

Guest Information Form

Once you confirm all the guests for your table, submit your final guest list to Habitat by clicking on the button below. Using this form will ensure Habitat staff sends out breakfast invitations to your guests.