New Homeownership:

Habitat Catawba Valley’s new construction program creates a pathway to homeownership for lower-income earners because we know that homeownership is the key to building equity over time. In addition to paying a non-profit mortgage, Habitat partner families take financial management and homebuyer education classes, as well as commit to sweat equity service on their house and the houses of their neighbors.

Habitat Repairs!:

Our Habitat Repairs! program is located at the intersection between our county’s aging housing stock and our community’s aging population. Habitat Catawba Valley performs critical repairs on homes throughout the county to keep families safe, warm, and dry. We see clients who are often faced with the choice between filling their prescriptions or fixing their roof – but we know that both play a critical role in a family’s quality of life.

Open Market Homes:

Did you know that Habitat Catawba Valley builds homes for sale to the general public? With the oldest housing stock in the state and the least amount of new homes being built in the state, Catawba County is feeling the housing crunch. Therefore, Habitat Catawba Valley is currently building new, single-family, energy-efficient homes at a competitive market price point and available to the general public because we know that quality housing is key to the continued growth and vitality of our community.

Mixed Income:

We know that strong and stable homes build strong and stable communities, which is why Habitat Catawba Valley believes in the value of building mixed-income neighborhoods. Studies demonstrate that children who move into mixed-income neighborhoods can look forward to 16% higher annual earnings, a 9% higher likelihood of being employed, a $45,000 increase in lifetime earnings, and higher levels of home-life stability as compared to their counterparts growing up in lower-income neighborhoods. What’s more, these gains are likely to persist over generations. Therefore, we believe that mixed-income is the future of affordable housing.

Green Building:

For years, Habitat Catawba Valley has been a leader in energy-efficient design and implementation. This is because we put thought into not just what’s affordable to buy, but what’s affordable to maintain over the lifetime of a house. At Habitat Catawba Valley, we see ourselves as infusing quality, long-lasting products into our aging housing stock.