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Volunteer at ReStore

From customer service to furniture repair, the ReStore offers a multitude of volunteer opportunities geared toward individual interests and skills. By giving your time, you help the ReStore do more to support building projects that benefit hard-working families in your community.

Volunteer Scheduling

Volunteer Today

Volunteer help at ReStore is needed Mon – Sat. 10AM to 5PM. Browse our list of ReStore Volunteer Opportunities below.

Group Scheduling

If you are a group leader interested in scheduling a team to serve at the ReStore, please contact Kristi Biggar or Rick Coyle at 828-327-7467 ext. 1 to schedule all group orientations and shifts.

Required Training

First time volunteers must complete a required orientation training at the ReStore before signing up for individual volunteer shifts. Learn about how the ReStore works, the different volunteer positions available and how your service at the ReStore contributes to the overall mission of Habitat Catawba Valley. Same day shifts depend on availability and are not guaranteed.

Visit our calendar to see our upcoming Volunteer Orientations.

Volunteer Opportunities


All you need are some basic math skills, cash register skills, and a smile. Okay so it’s a little more detailed than that, but not by much. Customer service, phone answering, and greeting are important along with “understanding” how the store works. It’s not just about handling money. This is the last interaction with the customer and we want them to leave smiling and happy with their purchase. No worries, this position comes with constant training.

There are two shifts daily: 9:45am to 1:30pm, and 1:15 to 5:00pm.

Merchandising and Customer Service

It’s a retail space so always in flux. A constant organizing vigil has to be maintained. Our mantras…If I can’t get to it, I can’t sell it! Believe in our donations… keep them clean, organized, and attractive! All areas of the store from hardware to construction, appliances to housewares, home furnishings to office need daily attention. Again it’s pretty simple and we’ll help (some pieces are difficult to move around, and you’re not Superman). Here’s a benefit. You get to interact with customers too! If you’re working/moving/organizing they will have questions.

Open shifts of a few hours or more daily.

Pricing and Stocking

If you’ve ever wondered how we come up with our pricing? Here’s your chance to learn our secrets. Not everyone gets to carry…a black sharpie. Of course, in order to price donations, you sometimes have to help receive donations too. No worries…we’ll teach and guide you along this greatest of ReStore mysteries. Whew! Now that it’s priced it needs to hit the sales floor. Knowing the areas of the store and organizational skills really help. Everything has a place, like things with like things, I think you get the idea.

Open shifts of a few hours or more daily.

Warehouse Receiving and Loading

Truly the backbone of the store… get it? Lots of lifting, pushing, pulling, carrying, unloading, loading, cleaning, and sorting, I’m tired already. But that’s what keeps the store moving.

Open shifts of a few hours or more daily!


Everybody, all volunteers and staff clean. It’s a constant battle against hordes of rampaging dust bunnies! We sweep and clean daily, and still have huge dust bunnies roaming the floors, lurking under tables and in corners. HELP!

Volunteer Picks

Our Volunteers

Eleanor and Debra

Eleanor and Debra

Eleanor and Debra making sure donated books are ready and waiting for shoppers.


Volunteer Jeff checks out the electrical donations. From small household appliances and lamps to refrigerators and stoves we test donations before they hit the floor.


Piles of small household items and accessories arrive daily and Shirley makes sure it’s priced and ready for sale.



Kristi Biggar Volunteer/ Donations Coordinator