May 29, 2018 | News

Our charge is to be good stewards! Think “value center”, a delicate tightrope walk between “thrift” and “full retail”, where prices are balanced to attract shoppers and honor donors. Valuation of donated items can be challenging. Many times we aren’t provided with retail or wholesale pricing, or the pieces are antique or collectible. We get a wide range of products, both new and gently used items such as furniture, home décor, glass and dishware, and yes, even construction materials. The internet is an important tool in researching price, with a world of shopping sites at a touch. We even shop other Restores to compare pricing in our general market area. In the end, pricing becomes best judgement based on retail knowledge and collective experience.

Want to be part of our ReStore pricing team? Sign up to volunteer at or stop in the store. We’ll walk you through our process and show you how the Restore donations area works, pricing and tagging methods, along with some merchandising strategies. Then, turn you loose on incoming donations!

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