For many Habitat Catawba Valley homeowners, it’s within the first few months
of owning their own home.

Throughout her life, Habitat Catawba Valley Executive Director Mitzi Gellman has learned to appreciate things she once took for granted, like growing up with a family pet. As a child, the family dachshund, Fritz, was her steady companion. Now Biscuit, her newest golden retriever, is her best motivator for walking and staying healthy.

As a homeowner, many of us have this same opportunity. Sure, there are mortgage payments and repairs that need to be done, but the undeniable privilege of owning a home means that we have choices seldom afforded to someone who rents.

For most Habitat families, the experience of growing up in an apartment as a second or even third generation renter is a familiar. Therefore, the opportunity to own a home of their own becomes so much more than just a change of address: a new home represents a new start and new freedoms.

When Habitat families own their home, the fear of making a hole to hang the family portrait on the wall or painting the living room some color, other than white, disappears.

As a homeowner there’s also the chance to do something perhaps no one in your family has been able to do – increase your family by a furry friend or two!

Who hasn’t had the experience as a kid of asking Santa to bring an extra bundle of fluff wrapped with a bow? But this year, for our new Habitat homeowners, a puppy under the tree means so much more than just a new pet.

It’s the freedom and self-reliance to grow your family without worrying about lack of space, rent increases, or security deposits being lost. It’s the stability to give your children memories that will last a lifetime. It’s the strong foundation upon which you can build plans for the future. It’s the expectation of good things yet to come. And in this season of hope, isn’t that the greatest gift of all?

Would you help a family build a future where stability and self-reliance are part of their lives, not a hope for the future?
  • $50 provides a kitchen sink for a family’s new chance for a bright future.
  • $150 provides a new window for a child’s bedroom.
  • $250 provides for a low-flow toilet for lower utility bills and reduced water use.
  • $500 provides a new front door for Christmas decorations for years to come.

Join Habitat Catawba Valley in building hope and home for a stronger Catawba this holiday season.