a decent, affordable place to live makes a difference for families every day of the year

Home is not just for the holidays. A safe, stable, strong home is impactful every day. When families have the permanency and security they need for today, they can plan, prepare, and dream for all the days that come after.

As we head into the colder weather, Habitat is hearing from more and more families who can’t afford their current apartment, and who can’t afford to rent or buy something more affordable. Because nothing more affordable exists.

The the sad reality is that the door to security is closing for many of our neighbors this holiday season and they will not be able to reopen it without support from you and from Habitat Catawba Valley.

In order to grow our services by 30%, Habitat Catawba Valley is committed to raising an additional $230,732.45 a year by 2025. Will you come alongside Habitat and open the door for 30% more of your neighbors?

When you partner with a family to build or repair strength, stability, and self-reliance through shelter, the reverberations of that gift will be felt for generations. When you join with a family in building “home”, you give the gift that lasts.

“What will it mean to own our own home?


It means being secure and not worrying. I hope to see my oldest off to college, knowing she has somewhere that is hers to come home to.”

– Kisha, your soon to be Hickory neighbor

This Christmas, Kisha is building a stronger, more secure future for her family. A new home of their own might not fit under the Christmas tree, but it is a gift of labor and love that will have generational ripples.

“I’m independent and strong- willed, and I’m proud of the way I can get around my house and live by myself without being a burden on anyone else. I reached out to Habitat for help as my income was so low I couldn’t have afforded to do the repairs and ramp myself. Now, I can get in and out of the home, sit on my porch and read, and enjoy myself. I’m able to stay out of the nursing home and stay independent

– Gina, independent homeowner

This Christmas, Gina isn’t just repairing her house. She’s protecting memories, and preserving traditions that she can continue to celebrate in the home she loves for many holidays to come. See how your generosity has impacted those like Gina by viewing our annual report.