“Home for the Holidays” has a special meaning this year for Epi and his two sons. After recently receiving the keys to their Habitat house, the family will be celebrating their very first Christmas in an affordable, energy efficient home of their own. 

For many in Catawba County, this is not the case. Your support today helps families like Epi’s achieve the dream of a place to call their own.

“Owning my own home will show my kids that hard work pays off. It will give my kids the chance to focus on education, and not where they will live or who they will have to live with.”

– Epi Mendoza, Habitat Catawba Homeowner

For his first Christmas in his new home, Epi is looking forward to flexing his culinary muscles, hosting friends and family, and providing a place where his boys can always come back home.

But, when you don’t have an affordable place to live, the holidays can be a distressing time. More than 18 million U.S. households — 1 in 6 – spend more than half of their income on housing. With finances this tight, the added pressure of holiday expenses means that families must make hard choices between holiday celebrations and living expenses. No one should have to choose between a happy holiday with their family and making ends meet.

With your help, Habitat families don’t have to choose. Join us in building hope through homes this holiday.

Your generosity helps more neighbors enjoy a holiday season full of comfort and joy in newly built or repaired home that is a safe, warm, and affordable. Now THAT is a reason to celebrate. 

Thank you very much for your compassion for families who urgently need secure housing – this season and every season of the year. You are truly giving the gift of home this Christmas.