bringing it home

your support repairs homes and restores hope

Repair homes. Rebuild dignity. Restore hope.

“It was a boost to my ego. I became more social. I felt better about how I was doing things. Working to get my house [repaired] helped me believe a little more in myself. And that has gone a long way.” – Kimberly, Habitat Repair Partner


HopeBuilders Society


Through Habitat, Kimberly built a secure environment to accommodate her physical mobility, a stable home to support her mental health, and the personal strength to foster her sense of pride and well-being. Kimberly’s story is not unique.

Affordable homeownership and critical repairs improve physical, mental, and emotional health outcomes for neighbors all across our community. A recent review of Aging in Place programs found that home repairs and modifications generated a 30% improvement in the ability of low-income older adults to perform daily activities – like walking within their home, bathing and dressing, eating, and using the bathroom.

For many adults on a fixed income, Habitat – and Habitat Repairs in particular – is a lifeline to affordable housing, safe environments, and independent living. Through our HopeBuilders society, you can pave the way to security for our senior neighbors.

Monthly HopeBuilder gifts – no matter the size – can make a big impact over time. Your recurring gift provides predicable support that allows Habitat to confidently make long-term, large-scale plans. It is the cornerstone to building strength through shelter.

Your ongoing support builds the most powerful tool of all – hope. As a HopeBuilder, you can come alongside families just like yours who are opening the door to a stronger future.

a healthy home is like a vaccine

A safe, decent, affordable home is like a vaccine. It literally prevents disease. A safe home can prevent mental health and developmental prob­lems, a decent home may prevent asthma or lead poisoning, and an affordable home can prevent stunted growth and unnecessary hospitalizations.” – Dr. Megan Sandel of the Boston University School of Medicine, Congressional Testimony

“As far as my health goes, it’s been a big improvement. I have bipolar disorder, and my most prominent symptom is depression. Now, it might still be there, but it’s on the back burner. Back then before Habitat, I was functioning. You could say I’m living now.” – Kimberly, Habitat Repair Partner

Moments like this are made possible only by the support of community members like you. With your help, more families can open the door to brighter tomorrows. Consider making a donation today.