a more secure future

“This yard will hold little running feet for years to come. These walls and this roof will keep little heads safe and sound.”

Melissa wears many hats in her family: Mother. Grandmother. Non-profit program coordinator. College student. And now – Homeowner. She opened the door to her dreams through hard work, Habitat, and your help.

Over the past 3 decades, the number of women like Melissa who are heads of their household has increased 17.3% AND the number of women who own their own homes has increased by 10.3%.

However, while women’s share of homeownership has increased, their wages haven’t kept pace – making 16.3% less than their male counterparts. That means that in order to provide their families with the stability of a permanent address, mothers like Melissa are having to do more with less.

World Habitat day is October 2nd. You can join mothers like Melissa in building a world where every family has a secure start in a stable home.

getting ready to move

“My closing is coming up and I’m down to the final countdown in my apartment.  Last weekend.  Last Thursday morning. Last money order for rent.  Fun stuff like that.  I’m beyond excited about the new house! My red door and my trees look amazing! I’m looking forward to spending the rest of my days there.  I told my oldest I want my ashes spread over the backyard when I die.  I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you.  Each one of you has held my hand at a different phase of this journey. I am forever grateful for the many ways you’ve helped to change my life.”

move in day

“This house is more than I ever dreamt of. Y’all thought of everything!!! Deepest kitchen sink I’ve ever seen. The most fun kitchen to cook in. Steel drum washing machine. Even a gas can for the lawnmower. Carter keeps opening up the fridge saying “it’s so beautiful”. We sit on the front porch together every night before bed and I’m out there at five am for my coffee every morning. My kids are so happy here. So am I. I would not and could not have done this without my Habitat family.”

Moments like this are made possible only by the support of community members like you. With your help, Habitat Catawba Valley will be able to continue making an impact in our county. Consider making a donation today: