Kellie Houston

kellieI’m a server and trainer,and I love working with the public. I have two grown sons. Kristopher is 21 years old and attended Newton Conover High School. He is an avid golfer and helps with the high school team. He’s employed at RSI Home Products. My eldest son Scotty is 24 years old. He too attended Newton Conover High School and then went on to graduate from Kings College. He currently works for J & W Pawn Shop. I enjoy yoga and volunteering on my days off. I am currently attending New Life Baptist Church.

Fundraising is not yet complete for Kellie's Habitat home. Help us raise funds to complete this build by making a tax deductible contribution to the Apostle Build*.

I am living in Conover in a 3-bedroom trailer that is in terrible shape. The power bills are $350-$450 in thehottest and coldest weather and I am challenged to catch up on the payments in the few months in between.

Being accepted into the Habitat homeownership program is a dream come true for myself. When you are single it’s hard to get ahead and being a homeowner will change my life completely. It will give me a sense of well-being. I won't have to worry any more about the extremely high utility bills or being cold in the winter. I can actually enjoy the snow! I am extremely lucky to have this opportunity.

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