Ie & Jeramie

Yang Lee FamilyIe and Jeramie live with their 2-year old daughter, Faith in a small apartment in Hickory. Ie works at Legrand as an assembler on first shift and Jeramie is busy as a stay-at-home dad and keeps busy with Faith!

Jeramie loves to play soccer and fish in his free time, and Ie enjoys creating new looks with make up.

The family’s apartment is crowded and there is nowhere for Faith to play outdoors. They were very excited when they found out they were accepted into Habitat’s program. They couldn’t wait to tell both of their families near and far.

The couple is confident that becoming homeowners will change their lives and their daugh-ter’s future. Ie says, “We are blessed to have this opportunity to become future homeowners. We’ve always wanted to celebrate holidays and have family get-togethers at our own place!” They admit to being a little nervous, but are happy that they will be able to have their own home.