Keondra and Ky'UirKeondra is a CNA at Trinity Village. She plans to start back to college for social work soon. Her son, Ky’Uir will be 4 years old this year! He loves Thomas the Train and enjoys reading books and interacting with others.

Commenting on her current living environment, Keondra says, “We are currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment and I don’t feel safe there. It will be great to have a home of our own.”

When she found out she was accepted into the program she was shocked and couldn’t believe the news. Emotions rushed in and she shares, “I was scared because I know this will be a new life journey for me.” She called her close friend and gave her the news. Keondra exclaims, “We’re both very happy for the new blessing.”

Keondra DedicationThis family is excited, but at the same time a little overwhelmed. Keondra says, “Being a homeowner will change me and my son’s life for the better. The surroundings and environment will be better so my son and I can feel comfortable about him going out to play and even sleeping safely in the home. I feel blessed to have an opportunity to become a homeowner by the age of 25 or so. I’ve always wanted to have holidays at my own place, and I love spending time with family and friends.”