Chris and Annie

Chris and AnnieChris and Annie have 5 children from age 6 to newborn. Chris is the Principal of Christian Family Academy, and Annie is a busy stay-at-home mom. Their children: John, age 6, is eager to start school this year and loves being outside; Makayla, a sweet 4-year old girl loves catching bugs and dressing up like a princess; Josh is a 3-year old Lego maniac, and possibly a future architect; and Gabriel age 1 is busy doing everything he sees his brothers doing! In the midst of the family fun, new arrival, Ryan Christopher seems to be enjoying all the sibling love coming his way.

This busy family enjoys playing outside and visiting with family. The kids work together, wrestling daddy or playing tag. Chris coaches volleyball and soccer and Annie enjoys making celebration cupcakes. The family is active in their church.

Currently, the family is living in a 2-bedroom trailer and are making very creative use of every inch of space. They customized a space for their new baby’s small crib by boxing in a non-functional bathtub, calling it “a perfect fit.” Though not complaining, they look forward to having some elbow room.

Chris and Annie Home DedicationWhen the family found out they had been accepted into Habitat’s program, they were very excited! Annie called friends and family, who had been praying, to tell them the good news. They believe being Habitat homeowners will be a huge blessing for them. To have the stability of a home, a place that their children can grow up, means a lot! They are excited and are all looking forward to the future!