Crystal Alcantara Family

Jul 25, 2016 | Our Homeowners

This family of 4 is crowded living in a 2 bedroom apartment. When Crystal found out she was accepted as a Habitat homebuyer she was excited, relieved, and overwhelmed all at once! She says, “I felt that finally the struggle was over. I could finally stop paying high rent for small apartments and my kids could have their own room. I felt so proud to tell them we were getting a home of our own and we wouldn’t have to move from place to place anymore!”

Crystal looks forward to the time when her sons won’t be cramped into small living spaces and is relieved that they will be in a safe neighborhood. It will help financially because it’s more affordable than high rent and high power bills from poor insulation in old apartments. Crystal exclaims, “I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.”

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Homeownership with Habitat

Homeownership with Habitat

For Habitat homeowners, a home means stability.  If you’re someone that has always had a home and family, then you, like me, probably have never fully appreciated the importance of the stability that comes with living in your own home.  Habitat helps its homeowners build stability for themselves and their families in many areas.