COVID-19 Resiliency Fund

Stability for today. Solid foundations for the future.

As you shelter from home, perhaps your thoughts are of your neighbors who don’t have a safe place to stay. The current pandemic is not just a public health challenge, it’s quickly becoming an economic one as well. As tight finances are stretched further, this current COVID-19 crisis puts the ongoing need for housing into sharp focus. The longer it continues, the more families across our community and our country face a housing emergency.

But even in rocky times, Habitat Catawba Valley is working to build solid foundations. We have created a blueprint for serving our community. Our work of affordable housing and emergency home repairs have been deemed essential services. So, with vigilant safety measures, we’re still building. And you can help.

The road to recovery will be long. Many of our neighbors need immediate help accessing or repairing a safe place to shelter. Many more will need housing support when unemployment benefits, eviction moratoriums, and mortgage leniencies end.

That’s why Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley created the COVID-19 Resiliency Fund to provide critical stability now, and to keep families building forward for years to come.

Our Resiliency Fund supports these key recovery areas:

  • Critical Repair for sheltering in place
  • Mortgage Relief for current Habitat homeowners
  • Almost Home Campaign for families currently in our pipeline
  • Rental Assistance for housing security
  • Building the Future Campaign for preparedness and stability through shelter in Catawba County
Now, more than ever, the promise of home is the promise of stability. Help us keep that promise. For decades, you have helped Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley offer a hand up to hundreds, helping them build secure futures. Now, Habitat asks you for a hand up to keep us building forward. Whether sheltering in place, sheltering family, or sheltering dreams for the future, together with your support, Habitat for Humanity of Catawba Valley is hard at work helping our neighbors have a place to call home.