Kellie Houston

kellieI’m a server and trainer,and I love working with the public. I have two grown sons. Kristopher is 21 years old and attended Newton Conover High School. He is an avid golfer and helps with the high school team. He’s employed at RSI Home Products. My eldest son Scotty is 24 years old. He too attended Newton Conover High School and then went on to graduate from Kings College. He currently works for J & W Pawn Shop. I enjoy yoga and volunteering on my days off. I am currently attending New Life Baptist Church.

Fundraising is not yet complete for Kellie's Habitat home. Help us raise funds to complete this build by making a tax deductible contribution to the Apostle Build*.

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Billy & Tasha


Billy works 3rd shift as a Line Operator and Tasha faces the daily challenges of being a stay-at-home Mom for Autumn (3) and Gabriel (1). She hopes that when the kids are both old enough to be in school, she’ll be able rejoin the workforce to help earn more money for the family.

With their hectic schedule, both Billy and Tasha consider their family time to be very special. The young family attends Eastern Sky Church of God in Conover to maintain and build their love and faith. The kids enjoy watching Sesame Street and other kids’ shows, playing with their dog Daisy, and just being with each other. You can feel the love.

The family lives in a 2-bedroom trailer that is poorly insulated with a furnace that can’t keep up with the demand for heat or air, which leaves them with extremely high power bills. Tasha got the phone call that they were accepted into Habitat’s homeownership program. She was bursting with excitement and ran to tell Billy, who had just finished his night shift at work, taken his daughter to school, and was headed for bed! He wondered what all the commotion was about. While Tasha was still sharing the good news Billy was already planning how they could get started on those 500 sweat equity hours. He said he didn’t mind working hard on someone else’s house because he knew his family would eventually be able to have a home of their own. He has always wanted his children to have a better life than he did growing up.

Billy said, “Our lives will be changed because I don’t ever want to make my children move, or have to change schools every year so we can find a better place to live. They’ll be able to keep their friends and never need to share a bedroom. I look at my daughter and my son and see a very bright future for them in our fun and loving home. We could actually invite family and friends over without feeling ashamed about where we live.”

His first question after hearing this fantastic news was whether there was any sweat equity work hours he could work that day before he goes home to get some sleep.

With support from people like you, we are building something better for Billy and his family.

Special thanks to Frye Regional Medical Center for sponsoring Billy and Tasha's Habitat house.


Ie & Jeramie

Yang Lee FamilyIe and Jeramie live with their 2-year old daughter, Faith in a small apartment in Hickory. Ie works at Legrand as an assembler on first shift and Jeramie is busy as a stay-at-home dad and keeps busy with Faith!

Jeramie loves to play soccer and fish in his free time, and Ie enjoys creating new looks with make up.

The family’s apartment is crowded and there is nowhere for Faith to play outdoors. They were very excited when they found out they were accepted into Habitat’s program. They couldn’t wait to tell both of their families near and far.

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Mahongany Smith and FamilyMahongany and her 2 daughters live in a 2 bed-room apartment in Hickory. Mahongany works at Kingston Residence of Hickory serving residents breakfast, lunch and sometimes dinner.

Zamya (12), attends Northview Middle school and Anashia (8) attends Southwest Elementary. Both girls are making A’s & B’s.

Mahongany and her girls like to stay at home cooking and cleaning and watching movies. Once in a while the girls go to Skateland on Saturdays.

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Chris and Annie

Chris and AnnieChris and Annie have 5 children from age 6 to newborn. Chris is the Principal of Christian Family Academy, and Annie is a busy stay-at-home mom. Their children: John, age 6, is eager to start school this year and loves being outside; Makayla, a sweet 4-year old girl loves catching bugs and dressing up like a princess; Josh is a 3-year old Lego maniac, and possibly a future architect; and Gabriel age 1 is busy doing everything he sees his brothers doing! In the midst of the family fun, new arrival, Ryan Christopher seems to be enjoying all the sibling love coming his way.

This busy family enjoys playing outside and visiting with family. The kids work together, wrestling daddy or playing tag. Chris coaches volleyball and soccer and Annie enjoys making celebration cupcakes. The family is active in their church.

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Keondra and Ky'UirKeondra is a CNA at Trinity Village. She plans to start back to college for social work soon. Her son, Ky’Uir will be 4 years old this year! He loves Thomas the Train and enjoys reading books and interacting with others.

Commenting on her current living environment, Keondra says, “We are currently living in a 2 bedroom apartment and I don’t feel safe there. It will be great to have a home of our own.”

When she found out she was accepted into the program she was shocked and couldn’t believe the news. Emotions rushed in and she shares, “I was scared because I know this will be a new life journey for me.” She called her close friend and gave her the news. Keondra exclaims, “We’re both very happy for the new blessing.”

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