Why Volunteer at the ReStore?

restore volunteerThree things happen when you volunteer at the Habitat ReStore:

  • You get to meet new people.
  • You help us keep items out of the overflowing landfills.
  • Your efforts allow us to contribute more money to Habitat’s affordable housing solutions in Catawba County!

Volunteers are a key to the success of the ReStore. Without you, we would not be the operation that we are today!

Volunteer Testimonials

testimonials photo"ReStore management puts a lot of reliance on its volunteers and allows them to act as little entrepreneurs on its behalf. It has provided me a way to employ the management skills acquired in business and apply them in a smaller way to help Habitat for Humanity's missions, not the least of which is the recycling of useful items at reasonable prices."

-Eleanor Herbert

"I volunteer because I know how important it is for people to have homes and feel a real connection and investment in their homes. As a former librarian, I naturally love working in books. The ReStore provides low-cost books to readers new and old and increases literacy. It recycles books, and that is good for the environment."

-Deborah Anderson

"My mom is a volunteer, and I like working with her and others as a team at the ReStore. It's fun to discover books you want to read that you would otherwise never know about, and I like keeping the book room well organized and neat for our customers."

-Eric Herbert