Homebuyer Education

financial literacyHabitat wants all families to be successful in homeownership. Here is a list of classes every home buyer must complete.

Habitat 101

  • Overview of program
  • Review of expectations of Habitat and of the home buyer
  • Completion of Partnership Agreement

Financial Literacy

  • Basic budgeting
  • Understanding credit reports
  • Importance of good credit and how to build it
  • Savings for home maintenance and emergencies
  • Long term savings
  • Avoiding the risks of debt, particularly predatory lending

Maintenance and Landscaping

  • Required maintenance – how and when to do it
  • Cost difference between maintenance and a repair
  • Lawn care – keeping it healthy and beautiful
  • Helpful resources

Wills and Life Insurance

  • Why does a homeowner need them?
  • How to get them

Property Covenants and Neighbor Relations

  • CCR’s – what are they, and why do we have them?
  • Value of building good relationships with your neighbors
  • Communication and problem solving

Closings and Mortgages

  • What to expect at closing
  • Closing Documents
  • House payments, escrow, and delinquencies

Home Walk Through and Warranty

  • Complete punch list
  • Explanation of warranty